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3 Easy Steps to Your Custom Pouch Fit!

Step 1: 
Watch video on how to measure for your custom pouch fit. 
Step 2: 
Measure and document your 3 key measurements . 
Step 3: 
Pick your custom styles/colors and place your order. 

Step 1: Watch video on how to measure your 3 key measurements

Made in the USA!

Due to the high demand on our A-Gear Collection as well as the custom work involved to achieve the best pouch fit possible, Orders may take between 3-4 weeks.

Thank you for understanding. 

Step 2: Take your 3 key measurements

You will need a measuring tape, pencil, paper and possibly a buddy for assistance.  


Step 3: Pick your custom A-Gear style / color / Print and place your order! 


We have two ways to help you get your custom style/s:

1. Send us a sample of a style that fits you really well and we will duplicate it for you in any of our colors or prints. We will also keep your custom fit pattern on hand to make in any color or print you like in the future. 

2. Follow the steps from the video or instructions below to get 3-key measurements to make your custom pouch along with your current underwear size and we can make you any of the styles above! 

*Please note that prices are slightly increased for this product due to added materials and custom pattern fits

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