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Lot's of styles and customization to choose from! 



Customized Pouches for larger & enhanced packages! Available in most styles on our website. 


Jock Strap & Support Belts

Great Support and Lift, great for underwear, sports or fun! 

Smokey Swim Jokini (2).jpg

Swim & Shorts

Most Styles can be made into Swimwear by adding Liner and Drawstring. 



Lifter Front with that amazing nothing there feel! 



Hats, Bands, Hoods, Suspenders & More



Square Cut Styling with Lifter Pouch Front.

Can be made into Swimwear



Made for Men in many Styles and Customizable Options. 



Robes, Hoodies, Tops & more coming soon! 


Bikinis & Jokinis

Great for Underwear & Swimwear.


Singlet & Bodysuits

Full Body Styling with Many Customizable Options in all Styles. 

TA Side Panel Cut Out Midcut Front Side 1 WBG.jpg

Tear-a- Way

Make any Tear-Away Styles in any Fabric or Print! 

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