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My journey into the world of sewing and design began with a simple desire—to create something extraordinary for myself and my family. What began as a personal journey soon caught the attention of those around me.

Enchanted by the designs, the harmonious union of colors and textures, friends and acquaintances clamored for their own satchel creations. While out and about on the town, strangers approached me, requesting a custom satchel blending exciting prints or textures with the understated elegance of the solids. So, Blazing Satchels came into existence in response to the high demand for unique prints and textures, combined with solids in custom designer bags.

At the heart of every Blazing Satchel lies a profound tradition—a small organza bag containing 18 cents, acknowledging the significance of "Chai" in Jewish culture. In Hebrew, "Chai" translates to "life," symbolizing blessings, good luck, and prosperity. I placed an organza bag into each satchel to provide heartfelt wishes, inviting wearers to embrace a life filled with positivity and promise.

The items below in the gallery are previous satchels that I have sewn and designed to showcase my creativity.  Styles that will be available soon will be posted on this page, please check back soon! I can be reached at or find me on Facebook and Instagram at @blazingsatchels18!

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